Present Perfect Progressive / Continous - Yes / No question

Present Perfect Continous - Yes / No Questions
Write the words in brackets to make complete Present Perfect Progressive question sentences. You will need to add in ‘has/have’ and change the verb to the past participle. Remember the first word in a sentence has a capital letter.
  1. (you / revise) since you decided to take the exam?
  2. (Linda / exercise) at the fitness center ? She really look really great!
  3. (he / try) to fix this door for a long time?
  4. (it / snow) hard all day?
  5. (they / drive) to work together every day for long?
  6. (you / raed) as much as before since you graduated from university?
  7. (you / take) some medicine recently?
  8. (you / make) a birthday cake for Sally? The kitchen's a mess.
  9. (Glen / work) all night? He looks really tired.
  10. (they / produce) this material for a log time?
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