English Tenses

Be (am, is, are) - 1 Be (am, is, are) - 2
Be (am, is, are) - 3 Be going to - 1
Be going to - 2 Be going to or Will
Future - Present Simple / Present Continuous Future Continuous Tense (Gelecek Zamanda SürekliliK)
Future Perfect Continuous Simple Future Tense -Will / Shall - 1
Future Perfect Simple Simple Future Tense -Will / Shal l - 2
Other Structure to Express Future Special use of 'will and Shall'
Simple Past Tense 1 (Basit Geçmiş Zaman 1) Simple Past Tense 2 (Basit Geçmiş Zaman 2)
Past Continuous Tense (Geçmiş Zamanın Past Continuous Tense with While, As, When
Simple Present Perfect - Basic Simple Present Perfect Tense 1
Simple Present Perfect or Simple Past Tense Simple Present Perfect Tense 2
Simple Present Tense 1 (Geniş Zaman) Simple Present Tense 2 (Geniş Zaman)
Past Perfect Continuous Tense Simple Present Tense with Frequency Adverbs
Past Perfect Simple Simple Present Tense: Action - Non-action Verbs
Past Simple or Past Continous Present Continuous Tense 2 (Şimdiki Zaman)
Present Continuous Tense 1 (Şimdiki Zaman) Tense Agreement in Time Clauses
Present Perfect Continuous Tense

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