Present Perfect Progressive / Continous - Wh questions

Present Perfect Continous - Question Words
Write the words in brackets into the blank to make complete question forms of present perfect progressive sentence. You will need to add in ‘has/have’ and change the verb to the past participle.
  1. How long
    (grandpa / drive) this car?
  2. What
    (you / do) with your free time recently?
  3. How
    (she / look) after her mother since she became handicapped?
  4. Which room
    (your sister / sleep) in until now?
  5. How much
    (you / earn) so far this year?
  6. How
    (you / spend) your time since you moved here?
  7. Whose cousin
    (she / work) with since she was devorced?
  8. Why
    (they / quarell) since they came back home?
  9. Where
    (your brother / live) since he left home?
  10. Why
    (Nancy / take) medicine for the last three weeks?
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