Commonly Confused Words

Accept vs Expect vs Except

Lie Vs Lay

Advise vs Advice

Breath vs Breathe

Affect vs Effect

Little vs A little

Alike, The same, Like vs Similar

Biannual, Biennial, Bimonthly ve Semimonthly

Allow vs Let

  Make vs Produce

Altogether vs All Together, Gather vs Together

Adapt, Adept ve Adopt

Allude vs Elude

Farther vs Further

Amoral vs Immoral

  Other(s), the other(s) vs Another 

Amount vs Number

Personnel vs Personal

Anyway, Anyways vs Any Way

  Lose vs Loose 

Arrive, Get to vs Reach

Politic vs Political

Argue Vs. Discuss

  Burst ve Blast

As vs Like

Produce vs Manufacture

Award vs Reward

  Kidnap vs. Abduct

Alone, Only and Lonely

  Raise, Arise, Arouse  vs Rise

Beside vs Besides

Devise vs. Conceive

Brake vs Break

Envisage vs. Imagine

Bright, Shine, Glare, Glow, Flicker, Sparkle, Glitter, Glisten

Prosper vs Thrive

Care, Heal, Treat and Cure

Jump, Hop, Skip ve Leap

Complement vs. Compliment

Grab, Grasp, Catch ve Seize

Confidant vs. Confident

Wage,Salary, Pay, Revenue, Earning and Income

Crash Vs. Crush

Stationary vs Stationery

Couple vs Pair

Sometime, Some time and Sometimes

Die, Died, Dead, Death

Specially vs Especially

Economic vs Economical

Throw, Toss, Chuck ve Hurl

Expensive, Dear and Costly

Convey vs. Portray

Few vs A few

Until vs By

High vs Tall 

  Quiet vs Quite

Hire vs Rent

  Work vs Job

Historic vs Historical

Walk, Amble, Waddle, Limp, Swagger, Shuffle, Lumber ve Meander

Home vs House

Look, Stare, Gaze, Glare, Peer, Glance, Glimpse  ve Peep

If vs When

Would like vs Want

Imply vs Infer

Suit vs Fit vs Match

Injure vs Wound

Quiet vs. Silent

Invent, Explore ve Discover

Mix, Stir, Mingle ve Blend

Kill, Murder, Assassinate, Slay, Slaughter or Exterminate   Try, Attempt, Strive ve Endeavor

Look for, Search ve Seek

Finish vs End

Travel, Journey, Tour ve Trip

Hotel, Hostel, Inn and Motel

Earn, Gain ve Win

Sorrow vs. Sadness

Persons Vs. People

  Pour vs. Spill

Custom, Customs ve Costume

  Aural vs. Oral

Principal vs. Principle

Valuable vs. Inveluable

Migrate, Emmigrate ve Immigrate

Interfere vs Interrupt

Dairy vs Diary

Forbear vs Forebear

Among vs Between

Assure, Ensure and Insure

Through vs Thorough

Sick vs Ill

Ache vs Pain

Steal, Rob, Mug ve Burgle

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