Present Perfect Progressive / Continous - Negative

Present Perfect Continous - Negative
Write the verb in brackets into the blank to form the present perfect continuous tense negative sentence. You can either abbreviate the auxiliary verb e.g. haven’t or use the full form have not)
  1. You
    (not drink) enough water - that's why you feel tired.
  2. She
    (not sleep) for hours, but she still wants to work.
  3. Max
    (not read) his comic books lately as he has to study for the final exams.
  4. He
    (not put) on a lot of weight since he left Italy.
  5. They
    (not build) the road around the school since the school opened.
  6. Some students
    (not listen) to the teacher for the last ten minutes.
  7. The doctors
    (not examine) the patients for more than an hour.
  8. Thankfully Tim
    (not feel) the same pains in his chest for a week.
  9. They
    (not write) to each other for long.
  10. I
    (not drive) for two weeks as I am fined.
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