So and Neither - Exercise 2

Fill in the blanks with "so" and "neither".
1. A: She isn't coming to the party. B: am I.
2. Husband: The key wasn't in the bag.  Wife:  was my wallet.
3. A: Bill didn't understand the joke. B:   did his wife.
4. James: My son has a degree in physics. Robert: does his wife.
5. A: Joseph can drive for long hours.  B:   can I.
6. William: My friends haven´t gotten married yet. Linda:  have I.
7. A: John went to the lecture yesterday. B:   did I.
8. David: Andy hardly needs attention.  Richard:   does his brother.
9. A: She doesn’t wish to stop smoking.  B:   does her husband.
10. Tom: I don’t go to work every day. Martin: do I.

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