So and Neither - Exercise 1

Fill in the blanks with "so" and "neither".
1. David: I don't know any Chinese. Richard: do I.
2. Dad: The kids aren't in the garden. Grandma: is their mother.
3. A: She hasn’t brought her laptop. B: have I.
4. My mother: Jason has finished his homework. My father:   has Bill.
5. Donald: My brother hates broccoli.  Lisa:   do I.
6. A: They weren't with us yesterday. B:   was Peter.
7. He paid great attention to his costumers' demands and   did the other staff.
8. A: I can't hear well what the teacher is saying. B:  can the rest of the class.
9. My boss: She doesn't agree with you. Me:   do I.
10. Matthew: I have been abroad several times.  Betty:   have I.

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