Either, Neither / Nor, Too and So - Exercise

Complete the sentences with the correct form of “either”, “neither”, “too”, “so”.
1. I have been sick since last week. has my son.
2. I was so tired after the game. was I.
3. A: We don’t feel tired at all after the run. B: I don't .
4. A: Gloria can ride a bicycle. B: She can drive a car .
5. My parents don't come here often. do my parents.
6. I am not used to living in cold weather. am I.
7. Mike wrote a poem for his girlfriend. did David.
8. I couldn’t talk to the director yesterday. My colleague couldn’t .
9. I will go to the new exhibition of arts and culture. Me .
10. David: I’m not in the mood to study at the moment. Sally: am I.
11. Your sister can't help you with your homework. I can't .
12. I love using my imagination to tell a story! does my grandpa.
13.A: We couldn’t see the stage properly from our seats. B: could we.
14. George and Linda haven't arrived yet. has Kate.
15. A: Mr. İron bought a house in the town. B: Mrs. Steel did.
16. We won't cancel our plans for you. will they.
17. My brother doesn't like parties. He doesn't enjoy dancing, .
18. Everybody is leaving in 10 minutes. am I.
19. Nail: I can’t swim under water for too long. Bryan: I can’t .
20. We couldn't finish our project on time. could they.
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