Participles & Reduced Clauses Test - 4

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Also called the western pocket gopher, this species is well adapted to a subterranean existence, ……. small eyes and ears and large teeth …….. to tunnel through the soil.
 A) to have / having used
 B) having had / using
 C) had had / to use
 D) had / to be using
 E) having / used
2. ……… the friendship of the prince of Wales, later King George IV, Cosway ……….. appointment as court painter.
 A) Gaining / winning
 B) To gain / wins
 C) Gained / has won
 D) To be gained / had won
 E) Having gained / won
3. …….. Allied recognition as the head of a Czechoslovak government …….. in exile, Benes made plans for the postwar revival of his country.
 A) Having received / ——
 B) Receiving / which
 C) Have received / which was
 D) Received / to be
 E) To be received / was
4. The Sally Lightfoot crab is classified as a decapod crustacean, ……. ten limbs, short eye stalks, and a large shell, or carapace, …….. the body.
 A) had / to cover
 B) having / covering
 C) had / covered
 D) to have / covered
 E) having had / being covered
5. In 1504, the young artist Raphael, ............ by the spreading fame of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, moved to Florence ........... under da Vinci.
 A) having lured / studying
 B) lured / to study
 C) to lure / being studied
 D) luring / to be studied
 E) being lured / studied
6. Not willing to offer her grandchildren shop-bought cakes, ……….. .
 A) she couldn't resist buying the fruit-cake she saw in the window of the bakery
 B) I really like trying the new recipes I receive from my neighbours
 C) grandma knows that children like to buy lots of junk when they are out
 D) my mother spends hours in the kitchen making them herself whenever we visit her
 E) I phoned and told Mrs Green not to bother trying to prepare some food for us
7. ......... producing a report on the results of our research is the most important.
 A) The fact that I have been working overtime
 B) The quicker I print out the analysis
 C) Of all the tasks that I have to do at work
 D) In order to be able to finish before I went on holiday
 E) The one which is produced for the committee
8. Having been on duty without a break for eight hours,........... .
 A) the end of his shift came as a welcome relief
 B) because her broken leg caused great pain to her
 C) the casualty ward was filled with the victims of a major traffic accident
 D) though they had managed to drink a quick cup of tea
 E) she felt far too tired to go out for the night
9. Since being given the Head Master's position, ........ .
 A) he is undoubtedly the best person for the job
 B) he hasn't taught as many hours as he used to
 C) the school has been improving steadily
 D) the pupils are much happier than they were with the previous one
 E) most of the other teachers criticised him severely
10. Leaving his poor illiterate parents, at the age of 12, to live on the streets, ……… .
 A) Gerard Dopardieu has become a distinguished theatre and film actor
 B) advertising pays seventy percent of his being successful at film industry
 C) it is definitely his favourite hot drink
 D) even though he had such a good reputation
 E) and we were all disappointed when we heard he was coming
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