Participles & Reduced Clauses Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Paintings by Bartolome Murillo and Diego Velasquez, both ....... in Seville, may be found throughout the city.
 A) born
 B) to be born
 C) having born
 D) being born
 E) to have born
2. The highest degree of occurrence of Emphysema is among heavy cigarette smokers, especially those ……… to polluted air.
 A) to expose
 B) having exposed
 C) exposed
 D) exposing
 E) are exposed
3. Quickly …….. her presents ……. she received at the school, she scattered wrapping paper all over the floor.
 A) opened / which
 B) having opened / where
 C) to open / ——
 D) being opened / that
 E) opening / ——
4. When Marie saw her car .......... recklessly she reported it to the police, .......... no idea that the driver was her own eleven-year-old son.
 A) driving / having
 B) being driven / had
 C) to have driven / having had
 D) to be driven / has
 E) having driven / having
5. The 16th century caravanserai …….. by Suleyman the Magnificient …….. near the fortress, has been converted into a hotel.
 A) having built / which is
 B) to be built / who was
 C) built / ——
 D) building / to be
 E) being built / to have been
6. Wishing to satisfy the upset passenger who found a nail in his steak, ………....
 A) there are so many unemployed at the airlines
 B) the host are welcoming the guest at the gate
 C) the flight attendant offered him a complimentary bottle of champagne
 D) the area we were going to visit was not far from the farm
 E) so as not to prevent us from going into trouble during the expedition
7. ………., all the workers were shocked at the news of bankruptcy.
 A) I liked to free-wheel down the hills without pedalling
 B) I soon learnt that it was risky to put the money on that bank
 C) He has become a meaningless existence
 D) It might not be possible to deal with all the work conditions alone
 E) Kept in complete ignorance of the company's financial situation
8. Lowering the taxes would offer relief to people, and they could give money back to the economy ……..
 A) to pretend that, at heart, everyone in the world is a nice guy
 B) but in practice, we all know that that isn't true.
 C) to be exposed to the full range of emotions and experiences
 D) by buying more consumer products
 E) and mostly they should avoid them
9. ……….. by lowering the risk of heart attack and some types of cancer.
 A) As you get older, you should watch your diet and consume less red meat
 B) Becoming a vegetarian is one of the most healthy things a person can do
 C) There is now a healthy trend toward eating more fresh fruit and vegetables
 D) Too much red meat and fatty food is not good for you
 E) Eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables can improve a person's health
10. Hoping that my gift will make up for all the gifts he has given to charity, …….. .
 A) I have bought a very good bicycle for my son
 B) and sometimes we have to change it
 C) today there is more of a blur of what our elected officials do
 D) that resulted in the complete shutdown
 E) because of the strict teacher's rules
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