Question Tags & Auxiliaries Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. I told you about the money I'm collecting for a going-away present for Mary,.......?
 A) isn't she
 B) didn't I
 C) aren't I
 D) did you
 E) didn't you
2. I hope that these things will continue to help me be a better person and influence me as my life continues, ………. ?
 A) won't they
 B) don't they
 C) aren't they
 D) aren't there
 E) doesn't it
3. Buy something we can cook for dinner on the way home,.......?
 A) shall we
 B) can't we
 C) can we
 D) will you
 E) don't you
4. It is such a pity that Vicki and Dave can't meet us at the restaurant for lunch because Vicki has the flu. I was looking forward to it, and ........ were you, weren't you?
 A) nor
 B) either
 C) yet
 D) too
 E) so
5. Theirs is definitely the most extravagantly decorated house we have seen in this area, ……..?
 A) aren't they
 B) isn't it
 C) has it
 D) haven't we
 E) have they
6. Let us not discuss about our different aspects but our common features, ……..?
 A) can't you
 B) won't you
 C) shall we
 D) will you
 E) didn’t you
7. Nobody is going to get a day off until this project has been completed, .....?
 A) are they
 B) hasn't he
 C) isn't it
 D) has it
 E) haven't they
8. My partner doesn't know much about accounts, ……….so we are going to get some professional help with our business affairs.
 A) but I am not
 B) but I don't
 C) and I do too
 D) and neither do I
 E) and so am I
9. When someone is injured or suddenly becomes iII, there is usually a critical period before they get medical treatment .......?
 A) needn't they
 B) isn't there
 C) isn't he
 D) don't they
 E) are they
10. It was such a shame that they cancelled the concert because the singer had a sore throat. I was really looking forward to it, and ......... you, ........ you?
 A) nor were / were
 B) just had / hadn't you
 C) neither did / did
 D) so did / didn't
 E) so were/weren't
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