Cloze Test - 9

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Advances in the understanding of Alzheimer's disease have helped (1) —- discoveries in the relationship of genes and behaviour. (2) —- with heart disease, a person may have a gene that influences him or her to develop symptoms. In some cases, the symptoms will occur (3) —- of behaviour, but in (4) —- cases environment or "lifestyle" influences the development of the disease. Eating fatty foods can cause arteriosclerosis, and drinking lots of aluminium-rich water can cause build-up of amyloid in the brain, (5) —- is a physical cause of Alzheimer.

 A) pushing
 B) push
 C) to be pushing
 D) being pushed
 E) pushed

 A) As
 B) As though
 C) While
 D) Because
 E) Whereas

 A) suspicious
 B) regardless
 C) ambiguous
 D) reckless
 E) conscious

 A) each
 B) every
 C) mos
 D) any
 E) both

 A) whose
 B) that
 C) of which
 D) where
 E) which

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