Cloze Test - 10

Verilen parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
For a number of years, radio telescopes (1)......... to pick up signals from outer space, so far without success. There are, (2)..........., millions of possible radio frequencies, and there is no reason why a completely (3)............ civilisation should not use a different type of communication, such as X-rays, or even a type of wave we have not yet discovered. And then there is the problem of how to carry out contact over (4).......... vast distances. For example, If we made contact with beings 300-light years away - relatively close as space distances go - by the time we had sent an answer and received their (5)........., the earth would be 600 years older.

 A) tried
 B) try
 C) are trying
 D) has tried
 E) have been trying

 A) but
 B) so
 C) for
 D) however
 E) moreover

 A) alien
 B) beings
 C) different
 D) same
 E) pace

 A) so
 B) like
 C) for
 D) nor
 E) such

 A) way
 B) response
 C) question
 D) reaction
 E) mails

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