Reduced Relative Clause Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. History has a chief benefit to break down the illusion …….. people of different times as the same.
 A) to consider
 B) to be considered
 C) consider
 D) to be considering
 E) considered
2. A reputable supplier…….. care to ensure high standards is the best place to buy a computer from.
 A) being taken
 B) taken
 C) taking
 D) to be taking
 E) to have taken
3. Scientists are to study the brains of children …….. prematurely to see how they adapt after damage.
 A) to be bearing
 B) to have born
 C) bearing
 D) having born
 E) born
4. New technologies ........ to study genes are helping scientists ........ the rich diversity of life on our planet.
 A) developing/to be understood
 B) are developed / being understood
 C) would develop/to be understanding
 D) developed/understand
 E) have developed/understood
5. Assets ……. worth almost £1m ……. to two people have been frozen following searches in the Gobnascale area of Londonderry.
 A) which / belong
 B) that / to belong
 C) —— / belonging
 D) which are / belonged
 E) whose / having belonged
6. The last survivor ............ from the wreckage was a middle-aged woman who was pulled out on Sunday, after ............ for over 40 hours.
 A) to rescue / having been trapped
 B) to be rescued / trapping
 C) rescuing / trapped
 D) rescued / being trapped
 E) being rescued / having trapped
7. The Starbucks seems the best choice for those ....... a well tasting coffee ......... right before the service.
 A) seeking / processed
 B) to seek / processing
 C) to be sought / being processed
 D) seek / process
 E) to be seeking / to process
8. .........., causing great harm to her health.
 A) That there had been a mistake in the definition of several terms
 B) By the time the match was nearly over
 C) A moment before it was too late
 D) Because we were talking about different things
 E) She was working much too hard after a very serious operation
9. Apparently swimming causes an adjustment in how energy is burned, ………
 A) adopting a social or political cause was one way of giving purpose to a life
 B) to provide comfortable homes for their children
 C) on the psychology of violence, the most dangerous of all media
 D) resulting in the burning of more carbohydrates than body fat
 E) the more content to have returned to the roots of a field
10. An hour later the robber was in his house, counting his money, when Inspector Harper burst through the front door, ………
 A) to do all the things we never had time for
 B) having lost touch with the office
 C) accompanied by four large policemen
 D) with predictable regularity increasing his anger
 E) because he was afraid of losing what he had
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