Conditionals / If Clause Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. If we ....... baby-sitters, we …….... out more often, but we prefer to leave our children in the care of our parents, whom we don't want to bother too often.
 A) have trusted / had gone
 B) trust / would have gone
 C) can trust / might have gone
 D) had trusted / will go
 E) trusted / could go
2. Despite the problems he had with the manager, he ………… to stay with them if he …..…. that they were giving all employees a fifty percent pay rise.
 A) could decide / would have known
 B) has decided / will know
 C) might have decided / had known
 D) had decided / could have known
 E) will decide / has known
3. Bed-wetting is common in children up to the age of five, but if the problem …..…. beyond this age, a physical examination …….. in case there is a serious medical problem.
 A) has persisted / may recommend
 B) persists / is recommended
 C) persisted / were recommended
 D) will persist / has recommended
 E) would persist / will recommend
4. If you ………. me for suggestions before you left, I ………. you some nice restaurants around here.
 A) are asking / can recommend
 B) could have asked / were to recommend
 C) asked / had been recommending
 D) had asked / would have recommended
 E) would ask / have been recommending
5. We .......... very busy in the office recently; otherwise, I …….. to see your baby earlier.
 A) were / was coming
 B) will be / might come
 C) have been / would have come
 D) had been / will have come
 E) are / would be coming
6. Marcus ………. over to help you with the project' over the weekend, but he will be taking his mother to hospital for some tests.
 A) would come
 B) is coming
 C) will come
 D) has come
 E) may come
7. If nature reserves …………. to protect the turtles undoubtedly, they ……… rarer today.
 A) weren’t establishing / could have been
 B) hadn't been established / would be
 C) aren't established / have been
 D) won't be established / might be
 E) haven't been established / are
8. OK, I ………. your Tuesday evening class provided you …….. the lesson plan because I hate doing it.
 A) covered / would be writing
 B) can cover / wrote
 C) have covered / would write
 D) am covering / had written
 E) will cover / write
9. If you …….. to find any buried treasure while you ……….., remember that anything found in this garden belongs to me.
 A) happened / have been digging
 B) will happen / will have dug
 C) might happen / were digging
 D) should happen / are digging
 E) would happen / had dug
10. If the passport officials ..……. so long to pass everybody through the border controls, we .......... in the ski resort in time to ski today, and now we've wasted our first day.
 A) hadn't taken / would have arrived
 B) didn't take / were going to arrive
 C) don't take / are going to arrive
 D) haven't taken / would arrive
 E) won't take / have arrived
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