Reduced Relative Clause Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Mini-trials ……… executives of opposing sides together to hear the others' arguments was presented in a mock courtroom setting.
 A) to be brought
 B) bringing
 C) brought
 D) to bring
 E) bring
2. A helicopter ……… by a woman carried a gangster who served 18 years for robbery to freedom from the Sante Prison.
 A) to be piloting
 B) to pilot
 C) having piloted
 D) piloted
 E) piloting
3. The four students …….. to represent the university during the inter-university challenge were chosen yesterday.
 A) being trusted
 B) to trust
 C) having trusted
 D) trusting
 E) to be trusting
4. The best person .......... us some information about Cyprus is Elif because she used to live there.
 A) given
 B) to give
 C) having given
 D) to be given
 E) being given
5. Peter, ……… .by his children that it was a good idea, bought a puppy for them last weekend, foreign travellers.
 A) to be persuaded
 B) having persuaded
 C) having been persuaded
 D) persuading
 E) to persuade
6. In cycling, the best way…….smooth, powerful pedalling is to practise using low to moderate gears.
 A) being achieved
 B) achieved
 C) be achieved
 D) to have achieved
 E) to achieve
7. In the early hours of the first Tuesday of March, the earth around the town of Zarand, in Iran's Kerman province, was convulsed by a quake …….... 6.4 on the Richter scale.
 A) to measure
 B) having measured
 C) measured
 D) being measured
 E) measuring
8. The automatic electronic digital computer is a machine …….. electronic circuits to manipulate data …….. in a symbolic form.
 A) utilized / expressing
 B) having utilized / express
 C) utilizing / expressed
 D) to utilize / having expressed
 E) to have utilized / to be expressed
9. Labels on clothing, normally …… right onto the garment, contain valuable information ……. the consumer in purchase, wear and care.
 A) sewing / guiding
 B) sewed / guided
 C) to sew / being guided
 D) sewn / to guide
 E) being sewn / having guided
10. Many little animals and plants ……. and may have had high economic value were to be lost forever.
 A) that weren't discovered
 B) having been discovered
 C) which were never discovered
 D) not to have been discovering
 E) have hardly discovered
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