Paragraf Tamamlama Testi - 17

Paragraph Completion Test - 17

Choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs.

Brazil also has many, many smaller cities and towns. Beaches or green hills, tropical or temperate, Brazil has it all. What's more, the country's political problems are mild compared to those in other Latin countries ............. As a tour guide put it, "Brazilians are lovers, not fighters."

 A) The problems in El Salvador are particularly famous
 B) As a logical continuation of this idea, things are usually settled peacefully here
 C) In opposition to these ideas are the new and violent "Tigros" gangs
 D) Perhaps because of the fine beaches, the government has a cheery outlook
 E) In contrast, many of the most famous romantic actors come from Brazil
After slavery was abolished in 1865, African American authors wrote in many literary forms to protest race discrimination ................. However, some of his verses imply bitter social criticism. Charles Waddell Chesnutt sought to revise the negative images of former slaves by portraying them as intelligent and resourceful in his realistic short stories and novels. Chesnutt is considered to be the first major African American writer of fiction.

 A) Such black women writers as Frances Harper and Pauline Hopkins challenged both racism and sexism in their novels
 B) African American ethnic pride and creativity flourished during the 1920's
 C) In 1983, Alice Walker won the Pulitzer Prize for The Colour Purple, a novel about an unwed mother forcibly separated from her children
 D) In the 1890's and early 1900's, Paul Laurence Dunbar was acclaimed for his romantic poems in black dialect
 E) The first published African American fiction appeared in the mid-1800's
.............. . As the sun moved, the lengths of the shadows changed. When the shadows were short, the watchers knew the time of day was near noon. When the shadows were long, they knew the day was either beginning or ending.

 A) Sundials, which were developed more than 4,000 years ago, are the oldest known instruments designed for telling time
 B) In bright sunlight, objects have dark, crisp shadows
 C) When you stand in sunlight, your body blocks some of the light that would otherwise have brightened the ground
 D) A sundial tells time by measuring the length or the angle of the shadow
 E) Prehistoric peoples probably told the time of the day by watching shadows cast by the sun
By about 1840, then, Continental countries- and to some degree the United States- were moving gradually along the course of industrialization traced by Britain producing far more than they had, yet not as much as their spectacular pacesetter. ……….. Though Britain by no means lost its lead, the stimulus generally provided to Western economies by the introduction of railway systems throughout much of the world carried the Continent and America far enough and fast enough to allow them to become genuine competitors with the British.

 A) Within the next ten years, the coming of the railways was to alter that situation
 B) The United States could not improve their level of industrialization after 1840
 C) The gap between other Continental countries and Britain became less significant
 D) America changed the course of history and Britain lost its leading position
 E) Continental countries could not improve their level of industrialization after 1840
Any study of early-modern European society must concern itself with change; with the factors that in the two hundred years after 1600 were powerful enough to produce the political upheaval of the French Revolution, and the economic stimulus for the Industrial Revolution. ………… . By the latter part of the eighteenth century, the freebooting overseas expansionism that had begun in the sixteenth century with the Spanish conquistadors had ended with Europe at the centre of a vast system of worldwide trade. Commerce on this increasingly global scale had given birth to institutions fashioned for its support, and had altered patterns of living among those caught up in its overpowering dynamic.

 A) Arguably, the most profound change during that period was economic
 B) The concept of change is a key term for early-modern European society
 C) The French and industrial revolutions took place inthe1600's
 D) Overseas expansions made Europe the centre of a wide worldwide trade
 E) European traders created new systems and a new dynamic in which some benefited and some didn't

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