Paragraph Test - Seven

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
Hyperactive children... Put simply, something has gone wrong with the complex circuitry of their brain, making it literally impossible for them to keep from running wildly, fighting with others and making a terror of themselves in general. They are intelligent enough but it is a hopeless struggle for them to learn like others. Some experts describe these children as "learning-disabled". Whatever the label, no one really knows what causes it and there is no known cure for the hyperactive child, but often they can be greatly helped. Whether medication is used or not, much can be done at home. Parents are warned not to be permissive. The hyperactive child needs help in structuring behavioural boundaries. So, parents should spell out to the child precisely what is expected of him.

1. We infer from the passage that, though it is not known clearly, ----.

A) some medication is the solution
B) a child who often fights with others has the risk to become a hyperactive child
C) their behaviour changes considerably in time
D) each child should have hyperactivity to some extent to be energetic in life
E) the problem of the hyperactive child is related to something wrong in the nervous system

2. It is understood from the passage that some people name such children as "learning-disabled" ----.

A) as they don't behave appropriately in society
B) as they seldom finish one project before they are in wild pursuit of another
C) because they cannot respond to traditional teaching methods even if they want to
D) whose IQ levels are fairly below average
E) which arises from uncaring parents' lack of interest in their kids' problems

3. According to the passage, parents of a hyperactive child ----.

A) should visit a doctor and provide the necessary medicines for him
B) have to read encouraging reports in education journals about programs for the hyperactive child
C) need to find a school with a lot of extra curricular activities
D) ought to describe him clearly what is an acceptable behaviour and what is not
E) had better advise him to take part in a sport activity, like tennis or soccer

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