Paragraf Tamamlama Testi - 16

Paragraph Completion Test - 16

Choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs.

Because its blood contains copper instead of iron as ours does, the octopus's blood is blue, not red. In most species the skin, or mantle, is thick, tough, and muscular. Octopuses vary in size from a few inches to several feet........... Some shallow water octopuses protect themselves by changing colour.

 A) There are about 150 known species
 B) They prefer to eat small fish and small sea creatures
 C) They range in habitat from surface waters to depths of two to three miles
 D) Octopuses generally inhabit shallow waters in ocean
 E) Some other species of octopus may yet be discovered
In 1914, an American flier named Tony Jannus was the pilot of the world's first scheduled airline. Jannus used a small seaplane to carry passengers and freight across Tampa Bay between St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida. The plane had room for one passenger, who paid $5 for the 22-mile (35-kilometer) flight. The airline had financial difficulties and lasted only a few months. In 1919, small airlines began to operate in Europe. They used rebuilt World War I bombers to carry passengers and mail on short flights between European cities ............... But the passengers could barely make themselves heard above the roar of the engines, and the cabins were un heated.

 A) Although these planes were stronger than those built before the war, they still were not always safe
 B) Airmail greatly aided the growth of commercial aviation
 C) The cabins of some of the planes were elegantly decorated and furnished with comfortable armchairs
 D) Earlier airplane wings were supported by struts between the body and wings, which created drag and reduced the airplanes' speed
 E) A number of American pilots made daring long-distance flights during the 1920's and early 1930's
People have used books in some form for more than 5,000 years. In ancient times, people wrote on clay tablets, strips of wood, or other materials. The term book comes from the early English word boc, which means tablet or written sheets. The first printed books in Europe appeared during the mid-1400's. ……. .

 A) The pages of a book are glued or sewed together along one side, called the spine or back
 B) Since then, millions of books have been printed on almost every subject and in every written language
 C) Young readers are familiar with storybooks, textbooks, workbooks, and comic books
 D) We often consult almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and telephone books for reference
 E) Books are a reasonably inexpensive and convenient way to store, transport, and find knowledge and information
Rooms are typically smaller than in the U.S., and space is used efficiently. New houses may not be equipped with light fixtures or appliances. Kitchens are modest (they're the maid's domain) while bathrooms often have nice tile and even marble ............... Stores sell large pieces of furniture that look like built-ins and take the place of chests and dressers. Central air conditioning is rarely available, and usually isn't necessary. 

 A) Children's bedrooms and guest rooms may have their own private baths
 B) Many parks line the main highways into town
 C) However, metallic bathrooms never caught on in standard U.S. practice
 D) There is no refrigerator in such a room
 E) Most public walkways are paved and lined with grass
Although Macbeth and Lear suggest an author in the throes of deep depression, Shakespeare managed to resolve his personal crisis and end his dramatic career with a third period characterized by a profound spirit of reconciliation. ………… In the play ancient animosities are buried and wrongs are righted by a combination of natural and supernatural means; a wide-eyed, youthful heroine rejoices on first seeing men with the words "O brave world, that has such people in it!" Here, then, Shakespeare seems to be saying that for all humanity’s trials life is not so unrelentingly bitter after all, and the divine plan of the universe is somehow benevolent and just.

 A) Of the three plays, all idyllic romances, written during this final period, the last, The Tempest is the greatest
 B) The Tempest reflects the belief in the combination of natural and supernatural events
 C) Macbeth and Lear suggest that Shakespeare was not popular during the time these two plays were written
 D) Shakespeare was prone to writing pessimistic plays for a while but then he gave this  
 E) The Tempest was so unsuccessful that it ended the writing career of Shakespeare

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