Dialogue Test - 5

Karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
Anne: Let's go in this market and have a coke.
Sally: Oh, I can't!
Anne: Why not?
Sally: I'm trying to cut down on sweets so that I'll lose some weight. I've been eating so much that I'm getting terribly fat.
Anne: .............
Sally: That's not what my bathroom scale says. Anne: Oh! I see.

 A) Come on! A glass won't do any harm.
 B) Oh, yes. You really look fat.
 C) Have you asked any doctor about your diet?
 D) How long have you been on this diet?
 E) Oh, you're silly. You look perfectly fine to me.

Sally: You're lucky. You don't put on any weight even though you eat candy and ice-cream all day long. But I'm on an eighteen-day diet so that I can lose about five pounds.
Anne: ................
Sally: All right, I'll sit and watch you, so you'll feel ashamed.

 A) Alright Sally, I won't have anything, either. I don't want to make you feel bad.
 B) Anyway. I am offering you a coke too. I'll pay for it.
 C) Oh. don't make feel ashamed just because I want to drink something.
 D) Well, I would like a coke even though you aren't going to have one. I am so thirsty that I have to have something to drink.
 E) Hm, what a good idea to go on a diet together. Shall we start tomorrow?

Anne: Oh. look at that cake! Doesn't it look delicious!
Sally: Oh. Anne! You're being cruel. It looks so good that I’m really tempted to try a piece. And here I am, getting so plump that I can't get into my clothes.
Anne: .................
Sally: Yes, tomorrow is such a lovely day! It never comes. The only trouble is that I started my diet a week ago. But it's been such a long time since I had any cake or ice cream that I'm going to give in.

 A) Is your diet ending tomorrow?
 B) You can start your diet tomorrow.
 C) I'm thinking of starting my diet tomorrow.
 D) What about coming tomorrow here again and have a piece of cake together?
 E) Tomorrow is the most important day, isn't it?

Olga : I was considering moving to a new flat, but the one I have now is so cheap.
Masha: So why did you want to leave?
Olga : ..................
Masha: If I were you, I'd leave before the winter.

 A) No particular reason.
 B) Well, it smells a little strange.
 C) The roof leaks and I'm not sure the neighborhood is safe.
 D) Just to be self-defeating.
 E) I'm trying to lose my mind.

Sara : Why do you look so agitated?
Samir: I have an audition on Tuesday, and I haven't memorized my monologue yet.
Sara : .......................
Samir: You're a lifesaver!

 A) I can help you learn your lines after my class tonight, if you want to come over.
 B) Which one did you choose? I hear directors aren't keen on Wilder this season.
 C) Is it a musical? Do you need a song also?
 D) That's too bad. Lots of talented actors are also auditioning.
 E) Do you have any breath mints?

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