Dialogue Test - 6

Karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
Mara :   How long do we get for lunch at this company?
Hadide: ....................
Mara :   Are you joking? It can take me that long to use the bathroom!
Hadide: Unfortunately, I'm serious. Most of us bring our lunches and eat at our desks.

 A) Two or three hours, depending on the presence of the owner.
 B) You mean they didn't tell you? There is no lunch beak!
 C) Usually we get ten minutes, but you can drag it out to fifteen.
 D) Usually just a sandwich, but the coffee machine is on all day.
 E) Somatimes an hour. It depends on the manager's mood.

Abe :   This is the third time my mother bought me a tie for my birthday!
Kisha: You don't even like ties.
Abe :   You're right. Do you think I should tell her to stop buying me ties?
Kisha: ...................

 A) Wow! You've read my mind!
 B) At least she remembers your birthday!
 C) You're an ungrateful little brat!
 D) I don't want to hear about her silly presents again!
 E) No, just thank her, but don't lay it on too thick.

Prabhu : They say it's even colder now.
Chris :    What about next year?
Prabhu : Then we'll have to worry about pollution.
Chris : ...................
Prabhu : No, in the Alaska Plains. The winds will carry deadly chemicals up north.

 A) Will they affect us?
 B) Are there penguins in Peru?
 C) Which makes our ski-holiday seem all the more exciting?
 D) In the cities?
 E) I live there.

Kristen: Black and white whales, or orcas, communicate by a kind of music.
David : Do they use instruments?
Kristen: Not really, they use the same instrument that humans are born with.
David : ....................
Kristen: Yes. I call it an "Orca-Stra"

 A) Is there a special name when many of these whales make noise together?
 B) Do you use Vocal cords?
 C) You mean my internal violin?
 D) I want a refund: I don't remember being born.
 E) Do they prefer classical music?

Helen : Did you hear? Fluffy has to stay at the vet's for a week; she was hit by a car yesterday.
Kelly : Oh no! Will she be able to walk again?
Helen : .........................
Kelly : That's good to hear.

 A) It's nothing that serious, the vet wants to keep her for observation.
 B) No- but it doesn't matter. We're having her put down next week.
 C) Only with a cane.
 D) Probably, but her ears and tail were torn off.
 E) We don't know yet.

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