Situational Response Test - 12

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
Class has finally ended and you were so bored by the lecture. You would like to know if anyone else was bored, or if it was just you. You find a friend and ask:

 A) What did you think about the lecture on whales?
 B) Could you re-cap the main points of the lecture for me?
 C) What class do you have after this?
 D) Are you going to take oceanography next semester?
 E) Could I borrow your lecture notes? I wasn't paying attention.
Your roommate has an important exam the next day, therefore, he has been studying for hours late in the evening. Thinking that he needs a break, you offer him to go out to have something to eat. You say:

 A) Do you feel like having a snack somewhere out? And you let your brain rest as well.
 B) I wonder how you can manage to study for hours without a break.
 C) I've heard that the best way to refresh your mind while studying is to eat something in between.
 D) It is a little bit late but if you don't mind I'd like to come out with you.
 E) I have an appointment with a friend at a restaurant. Will you join me?
It is snowing outside and your friends have called you to join in a snowball fight. You wear your coat but you can't find your gloves, so you ask your mother impatiently;

 A) Mom, where did you put my gloves?
 B) Mom, I won't go outside until you find my gloves.
 C) Mom, I can't find my gloves.
 D) Where are my gloves, mom? I really need them now.
 E) Mom, if you are wearing my gloves, don't make me look for them.
You're going to a "black-tie" party and therefore must wear formal clothes. You have a beautiful evening gown but no appropriate jewelry. You would like to borrow your mother's diamond earrings, which she treasures. So, you go to her and say:

 A) Could I borrow your diamonds for one night? I promise to take special care of them.
 B) Do you have any jewelry that would match my gown?
 C) I need your rings or I'll look like a fool.
 D) Remember those earrings that you never wear anymore? I think I'm old enough for you to give them to me now.
 E) Mother, please give me your diamonds. Oh yeah-please.
You are travelling by bus to Istanbul. After four hours the bus takes a break. At the end of the break when you are back on the bus, you realize that all the passengers have been waiting for you to continue the journey. You feel so ashamed, so you say;

 A) Hey, everybody! Listen! I am sorry!
 B) Ladies and gentlemen! Finally I am back! Now we can carry on with the journey.
 C) Excuse me; I am very sorry to make everyone wait.
 D) I am very sorry but someone should have called me.
 E) You know that there is a huge queue in front of the WC.

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