Word Formation

Word Formation in English 

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the words given in the brackets.

1. Mr. Parks' lessons are really . I hate his lessons. (bore)
2. My sisters are very (ambition)
3. I am so that we are going to New York tomorrow. (excite)
4. Women wear these skirts (tradition)
5. His job is to paint houses and put paper on the walls. He is a/an (decorate)
6. want to see the National Theater's of Arthur Miller's 'The Last Yankee'. (present)
7. Are you in the latest developments in technology? (interest)
8. She is a very woman. (determination)
9. There is friendly between the two teams. (rival)
10. Is it your final ? (decide)
11. I don't like this team at all. They play . (awful)
12. I am with her. (disgust)
13. Do you always behave when your naughty nieces come to visit? (tolerance)
14. My nephew is a professional . (wrestle)
15. I don’t like eating cabbages. (pickle)

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