Gerund or Infinitive


Fill in the blanks with gerund infinitive structures.

1- We consider a month in the mountains with our friends.
2- The manager decided tomorrow's meeting to a later date.
3- I always try to avoid him whenever I can.
4- When we visit my aunt, they expect me on my best behaviour.
5- When I was a child, my elder brother used to makealmost everyday.
6- My brother denied my chocolate mousse. Maybe his hamster ate it.
7- Do you really let your children home late?
8- Do you really make your son or leave him to study voluntarily?
9- He stopped studying some tea and then continued working.
10- In summers, my father insists on to the seaside for holiday.
11- Our manager intends you to a higher position?
12- The lawyer had his assistant copies of the contract.
13- She is determined to get a ticket for the concert, even if it means a lot of money.
14- Clare offered me to the airport, which was very kind of her.
15- Hollywood actors are always eager for the camera

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