Present Continuos / Progressive - Affirmative

Present Continuous Tense - Affirmative
Write the verb in brackets into the blank as present continuous tense form. Note: Start your word with a small letter, not a capital, and do not leave a gap after the word you place in the gap.
  1. The gardener
    (water) the flowers at the moment.
  2. He
    (do) her homework in her room.
  3. My friend
    (work) at the supermarket right now.
  4. At the moment we
    (have) lunch at my parents' house.
  5. The small baby
    (sleep) in the pram at present.
  6. My mother and my aunt
    (drink) tea in the garden.
  7. They
    (build) a new road opposite the school; and it's very loud.
  8. She
    (have) a shower and she can't come to the phone.
  9. Please be quiet. I
    (try) to do my homework.
  10. Mum, look. Rudy
    (pick) his nose again!
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