Present Continuous Tense - Negative

Present Continuous Tense - Negative
Write the verb in brackets in the blanks to form the present continuous tense negative sentence. You can either abbreviate e.g. isn't; aren't or use the full form e.g. are not
  1. The baby
    (not cry) at the moment.
  2. They
    (not take) the books to the library.
  3. We
    (not have) fun at Jimmy's party. It is boring.
  4. She is in the kitchen. But, she
    (not cook) anything.
  5. We
    (not expect) any guests today.
  6. They
    (not go) to Spain for a holiday this year.
  7. We
    (not do) our homework at the moment.
  8. Julia and I
    (not paint) the fences today.
  9. The kids
    (not hide ) behind the tree now.
  10. They are on a football field. But, they
    (not play) football.
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