In spite of, Though or However

Choose in spite of, though or however to complete the sentences.
1. threats of violence from extremist groups, the protest passed off peacefully.
2. hungry I am, I never seem to be able to finish off a whole pizza.
3. He was still full of optimism for the future his many problems.
4. His first response was to say no. Later, , he changed his mind.
5. burglar alarms and window locks, homes are never resistant to determined thieves.
6. He was feeling bad. He went to work, and tried to concentrate.
7. We were at school together. I haven't seen her for years .
8. new cars depreciate the most, we can’t help buying them.
9. New York is a fantastic place the spend the holidays being very cold in winter.
10. The ant is the most industrious animal; it is the most noiseless one.
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