Present Perfect Simple Vs Present Perfect Continuous

Choose present perfect simple or present perfect continuous tense.
1. My father his new car yet.
2. Our teacher more than a dozen exam papers up to now.
3. I and my wife to many counties so far.
4. I my key, I cannot find it.
5. It non-stop for more than an hour now.
6. She for you for a long time; where have you been?
7. My brother Spanish for three years.
8. Ronald the piano since he was 7.
9. My sister my lost wallet.
10. We you for ages.
11. My dad in the same company for more than twenty years.
12. My patience to an end.
13. How long TV, your eyes look so red.
14. We for over eight hours now. We are extremely tired.
15. The jury any verdict after four hours.

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