Participles & Reduced Clauses Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. My grandfather, …...… an old movie, …….... in and out of sleep.
 A) watching / drifted
 B) to watch / has drifted
 C) watched / drifts
 D) having watched / had drifted
 E) being watched / would drift
2. …….... to disturb the sleeping kitten, I carefully lifted her from the box and put her on a cushion.
 A) Wanting
 B) Being wanted
 C) Not wanted
 D) To want
 E) Not wanting
3. ……... in debt, he can not open another business. That is why, he has to find another way of making money.
 A) Being to
 B) Being
 C) To be
 D) Been
 E) To have been
4. Applicants must investigate various colleges, ……... as much as possible about them before ……… for admission.
 A) having learned / applied
 B) being learned / to apply
 C) to learn / being applied
 D) learning / applying
 E) learned / having applied
5. ……... by the news, ….…. from the headquarters, we headed for the nearest farmhouse.
 A) Disconcerting / to obtain
 B) Having disconcerted /we obtained
 C) Being disconcerted / obtaining
 D) To disconcert / having obtained
 E) Disconcerted / we obtained
6. …….…. under her mother's wing for most of her life, My older sister now has some difficulties in making her own decisions.
 A) Not being
 B) Having been
 C) Been
 D) Have been
 E) To be
7. ………. ten times as fast as the old printer, the new printer has made our office much more efficient.
 A) Printing
 B) To print
 C) Being printed
 D) To be printed
 E) Printed
8. ……….. college standards, the students realized that they …….. hard enough in high school.
 A) Faced / didn't work
 B) To face / haven't worked
 C) Facing / hadn't worked
 D) Upon facing / don't work
 E) Having faced / aren't studying
9. During the last 13 years of his life De Stael ……. himself to painting and drawing, …….. some 1000 canvases, chiefly in oils.
 A) devoting / having produced
 B) had devoted / who produced
 C) devoted / producing
 D) has devoted / to be producing
 E) would devote / had produced
10. Syria ……….. by Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations, has some striking architecture ……… the influence of all the three.
 A) to occupy / to have been reflecting
 B) occupying / to have reflected
 C) to be occupying / being reflected
 D) having occupied / reflected
 E) having been occupied / reflecting
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