Participles & Reduced Clauses Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. ……….... of the dangers many times by his mother, Cameron never swam in the river.
 A) To warn
 B) Having been warned
 C) To have warned
 D) Having warned
 E) To be warning
2. ……….... the required score in the qualifying round, the former champion will not take place in the final.
 A) Not to reach
 B) Not being reached
 C) Not having been reached
 D) Not having reached
 E) Not to be reaching
3. The sand on this beach, ………. specially from Spain, is golden and not the black volcanic sand of most of the beaches on this island.
 A) to bring
 B) bringing
 C) brought
 D) having brought
 E) to be bringing
4. In 1849 Livingstone ……. the Kalahari Desert and was the first European ……. Lake Ngami.
 A) crossed / to discover
 B) had crossed / discovered
 C) would cross / discovering
 D) has crossed / having discovered
 E) crosses / to have discovered
5. At the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri, Daniels became the first American ……… an Olympic swimming competition, ………. gold medals in the 220-yard and 440-yard freestyle races.
 A) having won / to earn
 B) winning / earned
 C) won / having earned
 D) to be winning / to earn
 E) to win / earning
6. The arena itself, ……. with eager spectators, …….. an entertaining evening was spectacular to watch.
 A) filling / anticipated
 B) filled / anticipating
 C) having filled / anticipating
 D) which filled / to anticipate
 E) to be filled / had anticipated
7. The man who won the 'Tour de France', ………. by crowds of Parisians, came from the United States of America.
 A) watched
 B) having watched
 C) to watch
 D) to be watching
 E) to have been watched
8. The parcels …….. through internet were delivered by a courier …….. a brightly colored van.
 A) ordering / having driven
 B) to be ordered / who driving
 C) which were ordered / driven
 D) ordered / driving
 E) having ordered / to drive
9. Stockholm is a city of broad streets and substantial buildings ……… of white granite, brick or stone that give the city a clean, uncrowded appearance.
 A) making
 B) to make
 C) made
 D) having made
 E) to be making
10. Proposition 215 is a two-year-old law ……. to allow seriously ill people in California …….. marijuana as medicine.
 A) designed / to use
 B) designing / using
 C) having designed / to be used
 D) which designed / having used
 E) was designed / having to use
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