Relative Clause Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. We both sighted with relief when the repairman managed to open the door of lift, ……. we had been stuck in for over an hour.
 A) that
 B) which
 C) in which
 D) where
 E) of which
2. The lady with .......... I made the appointment at the hairdresser's said that a cut and dry would be about ten pounds.
 A) whom
 B) that
 C) ——
 D) which
 E) whose
3. Charlie Chaplin, ........ unique style of humour endeared him to millions, was not only a film star, but also a director and producer.
 A) which
 B) that
 C) who
 D) whose
 E) whom
4. In the early days ............. there were no services for cars, riders had to carry out their own repairs.
 A) when
 B) where
 C) that
 D) which
 E) what
5. Certain birds, such as the ostrich and the rhea, ........... ancient relatives once flew, have lost the power of flight and have adapted to other means of living.
 A) what
 B) whose
 C) where
 D) which
 E) when
6. Steve has told me that he is moving to Samoa ............ he hopes his ex-wife will never be able to find him.
 A) that
 B) which
 C) when
 D) where
 E) how
7. Few people seem to understand.......the latest troubles in Sierra Leone are all about or .......... they are going to be solved.
 A) where / who
 B) what / how
 C) why / which
 D) which / where
 E) how / why
8. The problem .......... arises in our social club all the time for me is that they want to meet on Wednesday afternoons, an inconvenient time for me.
 A) which / that
 B) that / which
 C) —— /——
 D) how / when
 E) why / what
9. Serious numerologists ……. have studied on the relation between the number 13 and luck claim that it brings surprises, …….... can be good as well as bad.
 A) who / which
 B) that / that
 C) what / why
 D) where / when
 E) whom / that
10. My next-door neighbour, to ………… I'd recommended my car cleaning service, wasn't pleased with the work of the boy …….….. usually cleans mine excellently.
 A) whom / who
 B) who / that
 C) where / whose
 D) that / ——
 E) which / how
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