Situational Response Test - 1

Situational Response Test - 1

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
It is a very rainy day. You're waiting for the bus. Suddenly, you realize that the woman sitting next to you has taken your umbrella and is going. You stop her and say;

 A) Excuse me! I have the same umbrella as you do.
 B) I am sorry but that's my umbrella. I think we can share.
 C) May I have your umbrella please?
 D) Excuse me, but you're on the wrong way.
 E) Excuse me, I think this umbrella belongs to me.
Your parents were on holiday for a week and your mother had asked you to water her flowers. For the last three days, it just happened and you forgot to do it. Your mother asks you about them and you say;

 A) Which flowers? Do we have flowers at home?
 B) Of course, I do. I am watering them regularly.
 C) I am sorry, Mum I think they have already died.
 D) I am sorry, Mum. I haven't been watering them for three days because the water is cut off.
 E) I am sorry, Mum. It slipped out of my mind.
Your grandfather has bought you a toy for your birthday and you are a bit angry because he doesn't want to admit that you have grown up, so you say;

 A) That's very kind of you but I don't like toy cars anymore.
 B) Thank you very much but I think I am too old for this. Aren't I?
 C) Well, you shouldn't have bought this. I have already had one.
 D) I think you are mistaken. It's not my birthday. E) Please don't do it. I don't want any more presents.
You, as an elderly blind person, have got a dog that has been a faithful companion of yours ever since you went blind. However, she has recently grown too old to function as a guide dog for a blind person like you. You know that she has been a great help, and are sure that she will be a stray if left in the streets. In an attempt to learn what to do in such cases, you go to a pet-lovers centre and say : 

 A) Shall just throw it away after so many years of faithful work? No, you cannot expect me to do so.
 B) Do you have a strong dog that I can replace with my old one with?
 C) Why do you keep looking after stray old dogs, which can no longer function?
 D) I have got too old a dog. Do you think I should keep it until she dies?
 E) My dog is now too old to lead me anywhere and I believe you can tell me how to work it out best.
It's three o'clock in the morning on a Wednesday. Your neighbour across a narrow street has been having a noisy party. You have tolerated the pary for several hours and now would like to sleep, so you call over to the apartment and say.

 A) Stop or else I will start throwing rocks!
 B) I've tolerated your nonsense long enough!
 C) Some of us have jobs, you know.
 D) I've been terribly patient with your noise, but I'd really like to get some sleep now. 
 E) I've called the police. You have 5 minutes to leave.

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