Situational Response Test - 2

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You're on the metro, and a crazy person keeps trying to talk to you. You want him to leave you alone, so you politely say:

 A) So sorry, I don't speak English particularly well: Thus, I can't understand you.
 B) Go away! Or I will call the police.
 C) Would you mind irritating another person?
 D) Not to be rude, but I really must be alone right now.
 E) I don't feel like talking.
It's a very hot day and you want some ice cream. However, you don't have enough money, so you ask your friend:

 A) Can you borrow me a coin?
 B) Give me a coin.
 C) This is a robbery. Put your hands up.
 D) Can you feed me?
 E) Can you lend me a coin?
You and a friend go to the cinema. Your friend goes to the bathroom and leaves her coat on her seat. While she is gone, a large woman sits on the coat. You say:

 A) Excuse me, you've just killed my cat.
 B) Excuse me, this seat is taken.
 C) I hope you have a ticket for this seat.
 D) You'd better leave before my friend gets back.
 E) Don't you feel anything under your behind?
You and your friend are sitting in your room and trying to find what you can do at the weekend. However, your friend is in a very gloomy mood and therefore is not suggesting anything at all. You decide to tell him to help you, so you say: 

 A) Come on, you know I can't come up with an idea without your contribution.
 B) You are always looking so depressed nowadays. What is the matter?
 C) What about skiing? I think it would be great.
 D) How can you make such an indecent proposal?
 E) I am really sorry but I really can't think at the moment.
You meet one of your college friends at the cinema and while chatting you learn that he is going to visit the head of your department next week. You also need to send a special note to your old Math professor and you think you can do this via your friend. So you say:

 A) This is great news! I've really missed them.
 B) Why don't we meet and go together?
 C) I really didn't know there would be such a visit.
 D) Do you mind giving this note to Mr. Jones, our Math professor? 
 E) Did you have a chance to see our Math professor?

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