Tenses & Tense Agreement Two - Gramer Testi

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. My wife said she ---- late at the office that evening and that she ---- home till about eleven.
 A) is working / got
 B) would work / isn't getting
 C) would be working / wouldn't get
 D) was working / gets
 E) will be working / was getting
2. Early signs of the rebirth of civilization in Western Europe ---- to appear in the 11th century as trade ---- again in Italy.
 A) were beginning / will start
 B) would begin / starts
 C) begin / was starting
 D) began / would be starting
 E) began / started
3. We are planning to set off in the afternoon. I hope the weather conditions ---- by then.
 A) will be improving
 B) have improved
 C) will have been improving
 D) will have improved
 E) is going to improve
4. Urbanization ---- a problem which causes several environmental challenges ever since the rate of migration ---- after the industrial revolution.
 A) has been / increased
 B) was / increased
 C) has been / has increased
 D) is / increased
 E) had been / increases
5. When a group ---- to a new country, its members ---- that they have to modify their way of life, including their celebrations of significant events.
 A) immigrate / find
 B) will immigrate / find
 C) immigrated / would find
 D) were immigrating / found
 E) are immigrating / will be found
6. As soon as there ---- even a temporary break in the weather the climbers ---- their attempt to reach the summit.
 A) is / will renew
 B) was / renew
 C) will be / renewed
 D) is / renewed
 E) was / will renew
7. Women and children ---- a right to live their lives free from all forms of violence and abuse, and society ---- a duty to recognize and defend this right.
 A) will have / had
 B) would have / has
 C) didn't see / had been
 D) have / had
 E) will have / would have
8. When he ---- that his nomination would mean competing with his closest friend he ---- to withdraw.
 A) realized / was deciding
 B) realized / decided
 C) will realize / decides
 D) would realize / decided
 E) realizes / will be decided
9. Did you hear that Ben was fired last month? He ---- for that import company for more than ten years and he ---- in almost every department.
 A) had been working / had worked
 B) worked / has been working
 C) have worked / was working
 D) had worked / worked
 E) has worked / worked
10. Ben ---- to open his own restaurant for the last few years. He has just finished the painting, but he ---- the decorating yet.
 A) has tried / didn't do
 B) is trying / has done
 C) has been trying / wasn't doing
 D) has been trying / hasn't done
 E) has been tried / hasn't done
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