Tenses & Tense Agreement Three - Gramer Testi

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Computers that once ---- up entire rooms ---- now small enough to put on desktops and into wristwatches.
 A) will take / will be
 B) are taking / will be
 C) took / are
 D) would take / are
 E) were taking / would be
2. The immune system ---- by distinguishing between the body's own materials and things that ---- foreign to the body.
 A) works / would be
 B) works / are
 C) will be working / are
 D) was working / will be
 E) is working / were
3. Despite the multiethnic nature of the Balkans it ---- that most inhabitants of the peninsula ---- common ancestors.
 A) will seem / will share
 B) seemed / will share
 C) seemed / would share
 D) seems / share
 E) seems / were sharing
4. Susan ---- Mount Everest, had sailed around the world, and ---- on safari in Kenya by the time she was twenty-five.
 A) has been climbed / gone
 B) climbed / went
 C) had climbed / had gone
 D) was climbing / went
 E) had climbed / has gone
5. By the year 2030, linguists ---- the Indy-European language family for more than 200 years.
 A) will have studied
 B) will have been studying
 C) have studies
 D) are going to study
 E) will study
6. I ---- tennis tomorrow but I won't be able to do that because I ---- my right ankle.
 A) will play / injured
 B) was playing / have injured
 C) will be playing / injured
 D) am going to play / have injured
 E) was going to play / have injured
7. Gasoline ---- a major problem for people for the last ten years, therefore, during this time many people ---- to sell their cars and buy smaller ones.
 A) became / had preferrede
 B) would become / have preferred
 C) become / prefers
 D) have become / have preferred
 E) will have become / would prefer
8. Grace keeps hoping the bird that she ---- in the pet store yesterday ---- her birthday present.
 A) sees / will be
 B) will see / was
 C) saw / will be
 D) sees / would be
 E) was seen / would be
9. The author ---- quite annoyed when she ---- that the publisher was very dishonest.
 A) was / determined
 B) will be / will determine
 C) was / determines
 D) would be / will determine
 E) is / is determining
10. He and his family ---- at our home in Canada when he ---- to a conference, and that was a great experience, too.
 A) were staying / come
 B) will stay / came
 C) stayed / came
 D) are staying / will come
 E) stayed / would come
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