Could, Can, Couldn't, Can't

Fill in the blanks with could, can, couldn't, can't.
1. It was to foggy yesterday, so I drive to school.
2. I tried hard to persuade my wife but I change her mind.
3. We're having a dinner party next Saturday, but my elder sister come.
4. Mary was so busy that she accept the invitation to go out.
5. Adan and her mother open the door because it was locked.
6. your grandma hear the strange sounds from the next-door flat last night?
7. My grandfather was bilingual: He speak both Turkish and Arabic.
8. I finish my lunch today. I am not hungry at all.
9. My sister was the only one who understand me when I was a teenager.
10. I spend another moment in that restaurant. It is too noisy here.
11. We choose our opponents. The teams will be matched randomly.
12. I'm afraid I attend the meeting, I’m on business in Turkey.
13. If you try hard, you pass your examinations easily.
14. Before the nuclear disaster in the 1980's, people grow everything in their gardens.

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