Conjunctions: and, but, or, because, so - 1

Conjunctions: and, but, or, because, so

Write the appropriate conjunctions in the blanks, then check your answers. The conjunctions you can use are: and, but, or, because, or so.
  1. I like rice
    fish for breakfast.
  2. Jenny is kind
  3. She wants coffee
    not cake.
  4. He works very hard,
    he's really tired.
  5. Sue can't come tomorrow
    she's sick.
  6. He plays soccer every day
    he's very good.
  7. I can meet you today
    not tomorrow.
  8. David likes small dogs
    not big dogs.
  9. She can speak French
    not Itialian.
  10. David's very happy
    he's got a new job.
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