Simple Present Exercise - 3

Fill in the blanks with the verbs given in parentheses in accordance with the Present Tense sentences.
1. I cereal for breakfast. (eat)
2. She work at 9.00. (start)
3. Dave and Tim some candy. (have)
4. Charlie movies. (like)
5. He the piano. (play)
6. You great! (look)
Parantez içinde verilen filleri 3. tekil şahıslara göre, uygun bir şekilde doldurunuz.
Example: The bird flies in the sky. (fly)
7. He homework in the evening. (do)
8. Sarah to English class. (go)
9. The boy the ball. (catch)
10.Jenny her family. (miss)
11.The teacher us. (teach)
12.The baby when she is hungry. (cry)
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