Simple Present vs Present Continuous Test - 3

Simple Present vs Present Continuous

1. The team ______ basketball every day.
 A) plays
 B) is playing
 C) play
2. My mother ______ coffee in the mornings.
  A) drink
  B) is drinking
  C) drinks
3. The phone _______. Can you answer it?
  A) rings
  B) is ringing
  C) ring
4. The ocean _____ blue.
  A) is
  B) being
  C) is being
5. Animals typically _____ a lot in a day.
  A) eat
  B) are eating
  C) eats
6. I _____ to become a doctor.
  A) study
  B) am studying
  C) studies
7. Turkey _____ a more influential country.
  A) becomes
  B) is becoming
  C) become
8. My coat _______ me warm in the Winter.
  A) keeps
  B) is keeping
  C) keep
9. I ______ a book every night before bed.
  A) reads
  B) am reading
  C) read
10. He is busy at the moment. He _______ to a friend.
  A) talks
  B) talk
  C) is talking
11. I'm sorry but I ______ what you mean.
  A) am not understanding
  B) understand
  C) don't understand

12. Marie-Claude isn't a Canadian. I ______ she comes from France.
  A) believing
  B) believe
  C) am believing

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