Transitional Words - Exercise

Transitional Words 

Complete each sentence with a transition word given below. Pay attention to lower case and upper case. Use: also, but, because, similar to, however, like, unlike, moreover, in the same way, in contrast to
1.Butterflies are sparrows because they both have wings.
2.Sharks swim to catch their prey snakes who slither to catch their prey.
3.She works very hard but she goes to the gym every week.
4.I bought some new shoes which are very a pair I had before.
5.Bats and cows are mammals snakes are reptiles.
6.The sun will be shining in Istanbul heavy rain is expected in Ankara.
7.It was a good car and the price was quite reasonable.
8.Cows chew grass to eat that butterflies suck nectar to eat.
9.Henry was surprised that sent him a birthday card in he mail, but did not sign the card.
10.She was a small, dainty child, her sister who was large and had big feet.

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