Past Simple Tense Affirmative - Irregular Verbs Exercise

Past Simple Tense - Affirmative

Write the verbs in brackets in the blanks to form the past simple tense. View the answers by clicking 'show' at the end.
  1. He
    (buy) a brand new car last weekend.
  2. She
    (bring) some delicous chocolates to the party.
  3. He
    (feel) terrible after eating some stale food.
  4. I
    (drink) too much coffee yesterday.
  5. I
    (sing) too much last night, I have a sore throat!
  6. It
    (take) two hours to drive from Paris to Berlin.
  7. My father
    (pay) the bill, before leaving the restaurant.
  8. My mother
    (make) a cake yesterday, it was delicious.
  9. We
    (get) on the bus in the centre of the city.
  10. He
    (sit) on the old chair, and it broke.
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