Present Simple Vs Present Progressive / Continuous - 2

Present Simple Vs Present Progressive / Continuous
Fill in the blanks using the correct tense. In the negative forms use the shortened form of auxiliary.
  1. Mr. Danfield is never late. He always
    (get) to work on time.
  2. I
    (not / know) the right answer right for this question now.
  3. The dogs
    (bark). There should be someone in the yard.
  4. This suitcase is very heavy. I suppose it
    (weigh) more than 50 kilos.
  5. They
    (not / remember) how the accident happened.
  6. Slow down Dude! You
    (drive) too fast and the police will stop us!
  7. She
    (taste) the soup to see if it needs more salt.
  8. Her diet mainly
    (consist) of fruit and vegetables.
  9. These flowers
    (smell) wondeful. What are their names?
  10. I don't think it's very expensive. It only
    (cost) fifteen dollars.
  11. David
    (see) a new girl at the moment. She is French.
  12. She
    (not / realize) how much I love her.
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