Present Simple Vs Present Porgressive / Continuous - 3

Present Simple Vs Present Progressive / Continuous
Fill in the blanks using the correct tense. In the negative forms use the shortened form of auxiliary.
  1. This job is hard. It
    (involve) handling several projects at once.
  2. How
    (you / feel) today. I hope you are getting better.
  3. Ted
    (listen) to music. It sounds like country music.
  4. We
    (have) a party at the weekend. Would you like to come?
  5. I
    (not / go) away for my next holidays because I haven’t got enough money.
  6. The plane
    (take) off at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning so we'll have to be up by 5 at least!
  7. We'd better hurry up. Our next class
    (start) in a few minutes.
  8. Most children
    (start) speaking properly when they are about three years old.
  9. Don't give Tommy any egss. He
    (hate) them.
  10. I
    (leave) for Paris next Friday. Do you want to come with me?
  11. What
    (you / think) about the plan to shorten the school holidays?"
  12. My father
    (not drive) me to school this week because our car is in the mechanic.
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