Present Simple Tense Yes / No Question Exercise

Present Simple Tense - Yes / No Questions
Use the words in brackets to combine a complete questions. You will need to add in ‘do/does’ or 'is/are' and put the pronoun and verb in brackets into the sentence.
  1. (she / live) with her parents?
  2. (you / be ) happy at your present job?
  3. (Andy / wash) his clothes at the weekend.?
  4. (this history book / be) informative enough?
  5. (they / be) always late for school?
  6. (Susan / feel) any better today?
  7. (you / ever / drink) alcohol?
  8. (they / arrive) at 7pm?
  9. (London / is) the most popular attraction in Britain?
  10. ( your father / support ) you when you are broke?
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