Present Simple Tense Negative

Present Simple Tense - Negative
Write the verb in brackets into the sentence to make it Present Simple negative. Remember we don't use do or does for the verb to be. It's common to abbreviate e.g. I don't instead of I do not or she isn't instead of she is not. However, for the purposes of this quiz, write the full phrase i.e. I do not; she is not etc.
  1. He
    (not earn) very much but she wants an expensive car.
  2. I
    (not remember) the name of that girl sitting over there.
  3. Mary’s really tired, but she
    (not want) to go to bed
  4. The passengers
    (not be) satisfied with the flight.
  5. I am usually at the office at 8pm, but
    (not start) work till 9am.
  6. The garden
    (not be) as beautiful as I think.
  7. Phil
    (not work) very hard, but he makes a lot of money.
  8. We
    (not have) a big flat – just one bedroom.
  9. These pills
    (not be) available without a prescription.
  10. It
    (not snow) very often in San Francisco
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