Present Simple Tense Affirmative Exercise

Present Simple Tense - Affirmative

Write the verb in brackets into the blank as present simple tense form.
Note: Start your word with a small letter, not a capital, and do not leave a gap after the word you place in the gap.
  1. My father
    (go) to work on foot as his office quite near to our house.
  2. He usually
    (come) home before dinner.
  3. My friends
    (be) always the first ones to visit me when I am ill.
  4. Marking the homework
    (take) a lot of my time.
  5. Mr Stowcrat
    (own) five cats and a dog.
  6. My father almost
    (fix) everything that has broken in our house.
  7. The next train from Dublin
    (arrive) at 10.13.
  8. This tea
    (be) tasteless and like dishwater.
  9. The novel
    (describe) life in an Irish village.
  10. Most young people
    (like) trendy clothes.
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