Present Perfect Simple - Wh question

Present Perfect Simple - Question Words
In this present perfect exercise, use the words in brackets to help you complete the questions. You will need to add in ‘has/have’ and change the verb to the past participle.
  1. Why
    (she / stay) in the emergency room all morning?
  2. What
    (Matt / do) since the morning up to now?
  3. How many people
    (you / invite) to the wedding party?
  4. Why
    (you / choose) to read that book?
  5. What
    (you / prepare) for dinner? I am very hungry.
  6. What countries
    (they / visit) in Europe up to now?
  7. How
    ( your father / be ) lately? I hope he is getting better.
  8. Why
    (Brian / spend) so much money on fast food?
  9. How often
    (you / yawn) in the last Physics lesson?
  10. Which medicine
    (doctor / give) her for the last few months?
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