Present Perfect Simple - Negative

Present Perfect Simple - Negative
Write the verb in brackets in the blanks to form the present perfect tense negative sentence. You can either abbreviate e.g. haven't; hasn't or use the full form e.g. has not
  1. The letter you sent me
    (not arive) yet.
  2. I'm hungry. I
    (not eaten) anything for hours
  3. The weather around here
    (not be) so bad in the last few weeks.
  4. The village
    (not change) very much since I left thirty years ago.
  5. Paul
    (not be) to see the doctor yet. He really needs a checkup.
  6. Our family
    (not exercise) much lately.
  7. We
    (not eat) at a Greek restaurant yet, but we want to try it soon.
  8. He
    (not go) to the gym much lately. He doesn't have the time!
  9. I
    (never run) a marathon but I would like to do one next year.
  10. We
    (not choose) a name for the baby yet.
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