Present Continous Tense - Yes / No question

Present Continous Tense - Yes / No Question
Write the words in brackets to make complete Present Progressive question sentences. You will need to add in ‘am/is/are’ and change the verb to the present participle (Ving). Remember the first word in a sentence has a capital letter.
  1. (children / play) in the gardens?
  2. (you / wash) the dishes, Matt?
  3. (dad / try) to fix this door now?
  4. (she / watch) news on TV at present?
  5. (Julia / paint) a picture at the moment?
  6. (Richard / study) for his exam right now?
  7. (you / buy) these shoes now?
  8. (I / spend) a lot of money nowadays?
  9. (the policemen / run) into the bank now?
  10. (they / visit) a museum at the moment?
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