Past Simple Tense Negative

Past Simple Tense - Negative
Write the verb in brackets in the blanks to form the past simple tense negative sentence. You can either abbreviate e.g. didn't or use the full form e.g. did not
  1. I
    (not love) chocolate when I was a child.
  2. Matt
    (not meet) his friends last week.
  3. We
    (not go) on holiday last year.
  4. It
    (not rain) yesterday.
  5. We
    (not sleep) well last night because of the traffic noise.
  6. She
    (not know) the answer when I asked her.
  7. It
    (not take) a long time to finish the homework.
  8. Julia wasn't hungry, so she
    (not eat) anything last night.
  9. The hotel wasn't very expensive. It
    (not cost ) very much.
  10. Since Richard
    (not study) hard enough, he failed in the exam.
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